Lighting System

Lighting Control Technology

Matter & Bluetooth Mesh

Based on the self-developed large-scale Bluetooth Connected Mesh technology, and deeply optimized and customized for lighting control, compared with Matter and Bluetooth Mesh in large-scale networking control, power consumption, anti-interference, etc. The obvious advantage is that it can be applied to different sizes of spaces such as homes, shops, offices, etc. Large spaces can be expanded and centrally controlled with the help of gateway devices.


Mobile APP

Including software dedicated to engineering configuration debugging,consumer software for Shop, Office, Home.

Desktop APP

For enterprise users, it mainly serves large-scale commercial projects and improves the efficiency of equipment configuration and debugging.

Cloud Server

Provide remote monitoring services, so that you can understand the equipment situation and control the equipment on site in real time.

Central Control System

Provide remote monitoring services, so that you can understand the equipment situation and control the equipment on site in real time.

Module & SIP

Including the self-developed Bluetooth or Matter Module/SIP, the Mouselet module has been commercialized for many years, and the Tigerkin module is being commercialized.


Including a variety of commercial Bluetooth or Matter controller products, such as various panels and remote controls.


Including a variety of AC and DC Bluetooth or Matter power drivers that have been commercialized, to meet the needs of various commercial and household projects.


Currently there are Bluetooth Gateways, and Matter Gateways are under development.

About Us

Company Info

2021-, Set up Virtual Connected Controlling System(Singapore) PTE.LTD., with operation headquarters in Singapore and R&D centers in Ningbo and Suzhou, China.

VCCS is a system-level lighting processor chip (LPU) supplier, it has developed the world's first wireless control smart lighting processor (LPU) for the lighting industry, this product has a patent technology has been widely used in the world's major lighting companies;This lighting processor (LPU) only integrates AC or DC buck power management chip, wireless Bluetooth SOC or Wi-Fi SOC, high voltage or low voltage LED driver chip and many other passive devices and RF circuit devices in the size of 6*6mm and 9*9mm; Such a small chip space not only helps LED light manufacturers to realize automatic production, but also greatly reduces the overall cost of products, and further improves the quality and reliability of products.Combined with the unique technology of the RGBCW blackbody curve algorithm and human centric lighting rhythm software developed by VCCS, the lighting products with built-in wireless LPU better balance the visual, emotional and biological needs of people in lighting applications.

VCCS wireless system applications in home and commercial lighting are developed based on Matter over Wi-Fi/ Thread and Matter+ BLE mesh protocols, It can not only be controlled offline by remote control/scene switch, but also be connected to the cloud through the router. Remotely controlled by Smart speakers and major Matter apps such as Apple home, Google home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, Philips hue, and more.

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